Without spending a fortune or giving up what you love!


It could be YOUR turn!

For our August 21 launch, we are offering the 30-day BE ALIVE TO LIVE CHALLENGE for half price at JUST $99!

What people say about me…

“Bobbie, you have been such an instrumental and important part of my continued recovery. You are the voice I can count on for the truth. You are the voice I can count on to listen to my questions and answer those questions directly and honestly. You are the voice of reason in a process where reason doesn’t always exist. I’m grateful to walk this journey with you and I’m grateful for the positive impact you’ve had in my personal recovery journey.”

Dear Beautiful People,

For a long time time, I thought I was living, when I was just existing. Since finding my recovery and figuring out how to BE ALIVE to LIVE, everything has changed for me!

A question I have asked myself repeatedly is - how do people who aren’t in recovery get this information?

This challenge is a way to kick start your access to the info and a better way of life if you want it!

Are you happy? Like really fill your heart, smile from the inside- out happy?

Not the “fake it until you make it” kind of happy. You know that version of happy we appear to be to everyone else?

That version of happy where we graciously say “fine, and you” when the cashier asks how you are doing?

That version of happy where days, weeks and months go by and you realize you haven’t done anything but what everyone else needed-

✅Running kids around,
✅Helping elderly parents or relatives 
and the list goes on.. and on and on

Do you wonder what is the point of going through all the motions?

What about your “ME” time? What does that look like?

🍷 Glasses of wine or a few beers?
📺TV time?
📲Endless scrolling on social?
🎰Games that make you feel like you are in front of the slots from your own home?
🍨Eating a big bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream?
😴Sleeping until noon?

After 30 years of having a love affair with gambling, drinking and numbing, I have found a way to LIVE my LIFE and not try to constantly escape from it.

What people say about me…

“Bobbie is the best at giving honest thoughtful opinions and advice. It is her clarity and realness which makes me respect what she has to say. I am also very glad she is able to say how she truly feels on a subject no matter the consequences. These character traits make Bobbie a wonderful person and advocate for recovery.”

In this challenge, I share my secrets to quitting these activities that were keeping me “fine” and how to lay a foundation for being Alive to LIVE!

Living is more than just our heart beating, taking care of others and pleasing our bosses. Living is about finding our individual happiness, joy, and passion. Doing the things we want to do, when we want to do them.

There has to be more than wake up, go to work, cook dinner, watch news, go to bed right?

RIGHT! There is more and it isn’t as hard you might imagine!

Are you ready to LIVE?

Meet The Coach

Hi, I'm Bobbie Malatesta aka BOBBIE THE AWESOME!

I am honored you stopped by!! If you don't know much about me, I am a podcaster, writer, flower & animal lover, coach, and creator of the 3-21 Recovery Playground vision! It has been almost 6 years since I quit gambling and 3 since my last drink of alcohol.

During these years, my mission has been to raise awareness around gambling addiction. The mission has since morphed into a larger plan.


Since discovering how to LIVE a few short years ago, I have:

  • ​Traveled to Dubia, Cambodia, Thailand and the UK
  • ​Wrote an international best selling book w 8 ladies I met on the internet
  • ​Started 2 podcasts heard in over 100 countries
  • ​Visited all 48 continental states
  • ​Been to a half dozen National Parks
  • ​Found my purpose and am living it!
  • ​Stop using gambling, negativity and alcohol to get through the day
  • ​Done anything I want!

This is my 1st time sharing this in an easy to follow along format. I want it to be attainable for everyone that wants so it is priced very affordably!

It’s $5 a day! That’s it! $149 for the month!

When I was drinking and gambling, I couldn’t get a whole drink or max bet for $5 so I know it is WORTH IT!!

Also, ALL the money raised in this challenge will go towards my mission- Raising awareness around gambling addiction and encouraging adults to play again! To learn more about that, visit https://www.bobbietheawesome.com/

Get the challenge today for only $99

Would you like to be the countless others that have found the joy in their life again?

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: What if my life doesn’t improve?

If you dedicate yourself to 30 days of reading the emails and taking the small steps in this training, you will see and experience how your life can improve! If you are not willing to spend up to 15–30 minutes a day on yourself, and prioritize this challenge, it will not work.

THERE WILL BE A 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR THE DURATION OF THE CHALLENGE.  You may not be 100% sold yet that you want and deserve a beautiful life, but I am! If you do your assignments and participate the 30 days, and you find that you are not happy with the results, just email me and I will give you all of your money back!

#2: How is the 30-Day Be Alive To Live Challenge delivered?

Starting on Monday 8/21/2023 after you enroll, you'll receive a daily email for 30 consecutive days. Your emails will contain EXACT instructions, guidelines and resources you need. There is no confusion. Just open and read the emails and follow the instructions.

#3: How much time will it take each day?

It can take 5 to 30 minutes daily depending on that days work.

#4: When does it start and how long do I have access?

The challenge starts Monday August 21, 2023. You have LIFETIME ACCESS. Even if you can't get started right away, you will always have access and can pick up whenever you are ready.

DISCLAIMER: The effectiveness of the 30-Day “Be Alive to Live” Email Challenge may vary depending on individual circumstances and efforts. While many participants have experienced positive outcomes, we cannot guarantee specific results. Your commitment to following the program and taking the necessary steps is essential for maximizing the potential benefits. Remember, personal growth and transformation require dedication and ongoing effort.

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