Turn Depression into Hope


It doesn’t have to be that way

As much as I don’t like admitting it, there was a time that I felt like a dying rose. Although these clips may be disturbing to watch, they are my truth from a very dark time in my life. I was over 3000 miles from home, crying for hours in a closet feeling useless and hopeless.

Never thought I would be sharing this and it makes me quite uncomfortable, but it is important that anyone feeling this way knows they are NOT ALONE! ♥️

At the time, these are the thoughts I believed…..

Fast forward a few years later…. Here is what life looks like NOW!..


This challenge was created to share the tools that got me being the wilty rose 🥀 to thriving and living again. 🌹

What people say about me…

“Bobbie is the best at giving honest thoughtful opinions and advice. It is her clarity and realness which makes me respect what she has to say. I am also very glad she is able to say how she truly feels on a subject no matter the consequences. These character traits make Bobbie a wonderful person and advocate for recovery.”

For our August 21 launch, we are offering the 21-day BE ALIVE TO LIVE CHALLENGE for the lowest price ever! Only $99!


This is my 1st time sharing this in an easy to follow along format. I want it to be attainable for everyone that wants so it is priced very affordably!

It’s less than $5 a day! That’s it! $99 for the entire challenge!

When I was drinking and gambling, I couldn’t get a whole drink or max bet for $5 so I know it is WORTH IT!!

Also, ALL the money raised in this challenge will go towards my mission- Raising awareness around gambling addiction and encouraging adults to play again! To learn more about that, visit https://www.bobbietheawesome.com/

For a long time time, I thought I was living, when I was just existing. Since finding my recovery and figuring out how to BE ALIVE to LIVE, everything has changed for me!

A question I have asked myself repeatedly is - how do people who aren’t in recovery get this information?

This challenge is a way to kick start your access to the info and a better way of life if you want it!

Does your “ME Time” look like any of this?

🍷 Glasses of wine or a few beers?
📺TV time?
📲Endless scrolling on social?
🎰Games that make you feel like you are in front of the slots from your own home?
🍨Eating a big bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream?
😴Sleeping until noon?
😢Not happy for no apparent reason

After 30 years of having a love affair with gambling, drinking and numbing, I have found a way to LIVE my LIFE and not try to constantly escape from it.

In this challenge, I share my secrets of how I got from a closet crying to enjoying people, activities and places in a brand-new way!

It isn’t as hard as you might imagine!

Are you ready to LIVE?

Meet The Coach

Hi, I'm Bobbie Malatesta aka BOBBIE THE AWESOME!

I am honored you stopped by!! If you don't know much about me, I am a podcaster, writer, flower & animal lover, coach, and creator of the 3-21 Recovery Playground vision! It has been almost 6 years since I quit gambling and 3 since my last drink of alcohol.

During these years, my mission has been to raise awareness around gambling addiction. The mission has since morphed into a larger plan.

What people say about me…

“Bobbie, you have been such an instrumental and important part of my continued recovery. You are the voice I can count on for the truth. You are the voice I can count on to listen to my questions and answer those questions directly and honestly. You are the voice of reason in a process where reason doesn’t always exist. I’m grateful to walk this journey with you and I’m grateful for the positive impact you’ve had in my personal recovery journey.”

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: What if my life doesn’t improve?

If you dedicate yourself to 21 days of reading the emails and taking the small steps in this training, you will see and experience how your life can improve! If you are not willing to spend up to 15-30 minutes a day on yourself, and prioritize this challenge, it will not work. This challenge isn’t a cure for mental illness, depression, or any other medical issue. It is a tool to jumpstart a better, happier way of living.

THERE WILL BE A 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR THE DURATION OF THE CHALLENGE.  You may not be 100% sold yet that you want and deserve a beautiful life, but I am! If you do your assignments and participate the 21 days, and you find that you are not happy with the results, just email me and I will give you all of your money back!

#2: How is the 21-Day Be Alive To Live Challenge delivered?

Starting on Monday 8/21/2023 after you enroll, you'll receive a daily email for 21 consecutive days. Your emails will contain EXACT instructions, guidelines and resources you need. There is no confusion. Just open and read the emails and follow the instructions.

#3: How much time will it take each day?

It can take 5 to 30 minutes daily depending on that days work.

#4: When does it start and how long do I have access?

The challenge starts Monday August 21, 2023. You have LIFETIME ACCESS. Even if you can't get started right away, you will always have access and can pick up whenever you are ready.

#5: How Can I Get This challenge?

Join the challenge by clicking the button below:

This challenge is not designed to replace medical advice or supervision. Bobbie is sharing what has worked for her, and if you need to consult a licensed professional, please do.

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