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Bobbie The Awesome

I am honored you stopped by!! If you don't know much about me, I am a podcaster, writer, flower & animal lover, coach, and creator of the 3-21 Recovery Playground vision! It has been almost 6 years since I quit gambling and 3 since my last drink of alcohol.

During these years, my mission has been to raise awareness around gambling addiction. The mission has since morphed into a larger plan.

Bobbie The Awesome


3-21 No Kiddin's purpose is to create a chain of Recovery Playgrounds.

These playgrounds will be a safe stigma free environment where adults can PLAY! It will be a gambling, alcohol, drug and children free community used for recreation and reimagining the way we do recovery!

We are working towards getting our 501c3 to compliment the playgrounds.
(Link with all the details coming soon)

The Start Of It All

This pool combined with a wonderfully childish ex husband and my recovery journey, started the vision for
3-21 No Kiddin'.

So Here’s the Full Story..

The 3-21 No Kiddin' Evolution & Revolution…

I need to be very clear before explaining my total vision to you.

I am not against children.
I don't hate kids.

It just seems that I am a magnet for the screaming ones, in public places such as airplanes, malls or basically anywhere.

As someone who is to be very noise adverse or very sensitive about loud sounds to include:

Leaf & snow blowers,

Chainsaws… and many more… you get the idea

Kids come with their own volume and with no remote control to turn down. They have every right to be kids. They aren't doing anything wrong. This is just a “Bobbie” problem.

Like all other “Bobbie” problems, she likes to solve them. There will be no children allowed in our Recovery Playgrounds, hence the name- No Kid In or No Kiddin'.

Another reason this name fits so well is that gambling addiction is not the most well known of behavioral addictions. Although, much more light is getting shown on this problem, there are many people baffled when I say gambling was my drug of choice. There is a mindset around gambling addiction... like that's really a thing?

No Kidding!

Bobbie is an advocate for adults playing!
Let's release that INNER CHILD!

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Here's what they are saying…

Bobbie IS awesome
 I so enjoy listening to this podcast. Bobbie is honest and authentic, and asks great questions. I always take something helpful away from these episodes.”

Dr. Betsy Holmberg

“Love this show!
I love this podcast b/c it’s not only amazing information for addiction, it’s also great for everyday life. Bobbie is a fantastic host and I highly recommend this show!


I’m not even a gambler and I find this engaging, informative and inspirational. Can be used in all aspects of personal self improvement.”

Jess i v


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3-21 No Kiddin Addiction, Gambling and Recovery Show

Bobbie the Awesome discusses gambling addiction, self care and recovery strategies for problem gambling. Raising awareness around gambling addiction has become a passion for Bobbie as she continues her daily journey away from a bet while striving to be a better human. You will gain education about gambling disorder, various addictions and be exposed to different methods for recovery, abstinence and a better way of living for both the addict and loved ones, through Bobbie's experience and the expertise of her guests. This is not a one size fits all process so exploration of tools for optimal mental and physical health will be discussed. The show is combination of interviews with both addicts and authorities on health and wellness. Addiction is a growing problem and awareness is paramount. 

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The Recovering Entrepreneur Show

This show will take you on Bobbie's Journey through building her 2 businesses as a newer entrepreneur. She has been learning a lot of things the hard way and wants to save you the mistakes or wasted resources. Bobbie quit gambling in 2017 and has learned many lessons in her recovery that helped initiate the business and helps her deal with the challenges of business in the similar ways as she deals with overcoming addiction. She also uses the show to highlight other entrepreneurs she has meet in her journey. Whether we are coping from addiction or the stress of self employment, there are many strategies than can be used to keep us all happy and thriving in all that we do!

Latest Podcast Episodes



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